Shadow Work Workshops 2019

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2019 workshops for men and women below.

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Three Day Mixed Gender Shadow / Emotional Process Workshop
Friday May 24 (3 pm) to Sunday May 26 (6.30 pm)  2019
Location: Frome, Somerset

This is a three day workshop for men and women designed to give you the space and time to explore the issues which you face in your life now.

This workshop will allow you to discover more about the different parts of yourself, the archetypes within you, and how they interact. You’ll also discover how emotional wounds you’ve experienced in your past play out in your life right now.

Working together, with the support of the mixed gender group of women and men, we will create a healing space in which all parts of you are welcome.

In this confidential, accepting, well-held space, free of judgement and expectation, we will use techniques from Shadow Work and a number of different approaches to psychotherapy to heal those emotional wounds. Working together, we will integrate all the parts of yourself so you can fully express yourself and all your abilities and potential.

This will give you much greater choice and control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It will give you access to your full power, presence and potency.

And then, you can stop reacting unconsciously to the challenges in your life and start responding authentically from a place of power.  You become more authentic and true to yourself. You become more of who you were always meant to be.

Typical issues which women and men address in these workshops include addictions, anger issues, lack of boundaries, neediness, fear of the feminine / masculine, lack of assertiveness, all sorts of sexual issues, problems and challenges, unexpressed grief, sadness, lack of joy, decision making, repressed trauma, lack of love, childhood problems, identity issues, sadness, anxiety and fear, issues with relationships and – well, everything else that affects our lives today.

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Workshops For Men Only

 Integrating the Warrior Within
Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 5 – 6 -7,  2019:
A Residential Workshop For Men at East Down Retreat Centre, near Exeter.
Full details here

Emotional Process Work For Men
Saturday and Sunday October 19 – 20,  2019
 (London – non-residential)
and also a second workshop on the following dates
Saturday and Sunday November 16 – 17,  2019
 (London – non-residential)
Full details here.

Finding the King Within
Friday, Saturday and Sunday December 6 – 8,  2019
A Residential Workshop For Men at Eden Rise Retreat Centre, near Totnes.
Full details here.