Workshop reviews

More reviews of our group shadow work workshopsfrom participants

This workshop allows you to go deep within and gain a better understanding of how the archetypes are working within your life now, how they developed and evolved from childhood. It will allow you to come to terms or peace with some of the internal challenges you’ve self-developed, which may have served you well in the past but are more of a hindrance now. Gain insight into how to balance your kingdom and discover your true-self. This will allow you to commence the next level of your personal journey. This workshop cannot be recommended enough, with the careful & experienced leadership of Rod, Ed and Dermot – each one bringing valuable skillsets and wisdom to allow you to gain the maximum benefit from the weekend. Take the step, get on the workshop, immerse yourself into the weekend and you will find the results are truly remarkable. I cannot recommend this highly enough! This workshop helped me to realise some of the beauty within and around me. There is something special and magical that happens at this workshop and the circle created. Trust the process and allow yourself to realise the true potential of the kingdom you have within. – Jat Singh

I first heard of the Emotional Process Workshop from a friend in a men’s group. He explained he’d found the weekend immensely helpful in helping him process emotions which were having a detrimental impact on his life. This sparked my interest and I decided to attend. I was immediately struck by the warmth of the Facilitators who created a welcoming informal environment and a safe container. As the Facilitators led the men through their personal work, they demonstrated skill and sensitivity: the skill to challenge a man if required and invite him to face what he may be afraid of or denying, and the sensitivity to hold the space for the man to release the emotion. I doubt this can be learned by studying a theory or by attending a course. This comes from years of experience working with men. I wholeheartedly believe that any man who attends the weekend will benefit from it. – Jay, London.

A very powerful weekend workshop. The level of experience, skill and qualification offered by Rod, Diarmaid and Ed as a facilitation team is difficult to beat. The container created was more than enough to allow each of the men to dive deep into those darkest corners of themselves that are the most difficult to reach. A strong empathy soon evolved within the group allowing each participant to explore their shadows with confidence. The degree of cohesion and mutual support generated by the way the workshop was led spoke for itself. I personally gained significant insight into one of my major shadows – the well of unexpressed grief that underpins my rage within. I am still absorbing the benefits of the workshop, something I expect to continue for some considerable time! – Isaac Roberts

Wow, this is a very hard thing to do. Words don’t come so easily and anyway there is so much that I don’t know how to condense it. What I saw and what I felt with each man’s process touched a deep part of me as if I was in the process with them. And somehow that is exactly how it was… The sensitivity and skill that you all provide as individual men (Rod, Ed and Diarmaid) is so much more enhanced and heightened as I witness you working together on the carpet, dancing with the conscious and unconscious selves of the participants. Your awareness of all, and your constant vigilance to protect and keep safe all involved, is to be applauded and honoured. My journey with you all was phenomenal!!! I reached a state of great inner peace and joy after having unleashed such pent up anger that I really had no idea was there, hidden in the depths of me, wanting to be released. Your skill and ability to speak and communicate to parts of my persona by simple but effective methods is mind-blowing. The whole weekend was amazing and could not have been made possible without the support and presence of all the other men there. For me these deeply freeing results are only able to be achieved with the support of others on their journey. I honour myself and the other men who have the courage to face the unknown, to take the first step on a journey of discovery, a journey not apparent at the time of stepping into my work, and to be witnessed by all. All men should give themselves the gift of this weekend. – Andrew Parry

Having not connected with this type of work for some years. I felt I had returned immediately to my lost and distant inner world with first scent of sage during the smudging ritual. The weekend workshop helped me enter the painful and hidden shadow that I have been carrying around that was bringing me much anger and grief, restricting me living my life more fully. With the incredible support of the facilitators and the processes offered, I managed to clear through these blocks and open my heart again to find a more loving and understanding way to be. – Barrie McCulloch

This weekend I watched in awe as 2 humble artisans created beautiful things in the medium of human potential. Rarely have I been in the company of 2 men who were able to comfortably and authentically own the entire spectrum of emotions, from fragile gentle grace to powerful “don’t fuck with me” warrior you would cross the street to avoid. Whatever was needed to guide the men they had it. I travelled to the workshop as a supporter, with doubts, low level anxiety and scepticism as my companions for the weekend. 48 hours later I’d made room for my new buddies – optimism, peace, excitement and love. You’ll journey together to dark places, stormy seas, brothers in arms never letting you go as you meet your inner demons. And the men. Diverse, kind, supportive, wonderful people, friends in waiting. The type you meet now and again in life if you’re lucky, and yet here’s a room full of them. How you’ll marvel at what they’ve faced and what they’ve carried, only to come to realise you’re carrying some of it too. Make no mistake, in terms of personal development, this is true “next level” stuff that has the potential to dwarf the gains you think you’ve been making. – Paul, London

Dear Rod, Diarmaid and Ed, I feel hope and gratitude for having been in that room with you, witnessing your commitment to be with us patiently and with resilience in every dark place we would go. I could feel your presence constantly and that enabled me to trust you and so to deepen up in my work. Profound humanity, compassion and great facilitation skills. These are the qualities I have treasured from you Rod, Ed and Diarmaid. Thank you all, from my heart. – Attilio Bergamaschi

I really feel a profound change in myself. It’s as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel back to who I used to be. I have been waiting for the feeling to dissipate, but it hasn’t and I don’t think it will! I truly feel at peace with myself and the issues around my daughter, and am honestly able to trust that things will work out when the time is right. And in the meantime the universe is presenting me with new opportunities that I was blind to, or unable to acknowledge before. And I feel able to start to deal with the underlying issues that got me to that place in my life. Thank you so much to the facilitators, the men of service, and all you men for your support and insight. Truly life changing. – Adam

I’d like to thank you for all your hard work and facilitation over the weekend. Bless you all, the weekend workshop has helped me take huge steps on my journey that seemed so impossible just a week ago with fantastic results. I don’t believe that I could have taken these steps without the leaders and the support of all of the guys at the weekend. I feel privileged and honoured to be among such great men (and you can quote me on that!) – P.G.

The weekend allowed me to open up fully and address buried emotions and blockages which had been lying stagnant for too long. The container of the group was built very quickly offering a safe, loving, supportive environment. I was very impressed with the great guidance, expertise and experience from the facilitators throughout the whole weekend. I managed to shift and release a massive dark force that I’ve been holding deep inside. It was amazing to physically and mentally do this process work on myself and also learn and resonate with the other men’s personal work. I came away from the weekend with a feeling of accomplishment, purpose, gratefulness and love. I also gained more insight and tools to carry on with my personal vision and mission which is to help and inspire young people find their true potential in their journey ahead. – W.S.

Many thank yous to you Rod, Ed, Diarmaid for running the workshop and holding that container, and for the care and compassion all you men showed which allowed me to go so deep and heal. – P.L.

Things have been good. Something shifted for me over the weekend and I feel different. Perhaps this is because I now know what I didn’t before – that deep down, in my core, I am loved and I am lovable. It seems my process has done something to move or lift or unlock the part of me that was perhaps blocking this deep knowing. – S.C.

I feel very honoured to have witnessed and been a part of your skillful facilitation and to have felt your evident love for helping men to heal themselves.  I’m already enjoying living with a somewhat changed self even in these first few days as a result of grieving for something I never fully realised I had lost. Thank you for taking the time and providing a space for this – I feel passionately about the importance of this work and I have huge admiration for those who make it possible.  D.J.

I had no idea what I was going to work on till my turn came around and then it appeared. During the process that followed I was able to let go thirty five years of pent up feelings around a significant event in my life which removed a huge burden that I had been unconsciously carrying. I only became aware later that I had also reclaimed positive beliefs of myself which unconsciously had been denying the validity of part of my life.  I viewed what happened as a deep healing and what I want to do now is to dance around my new-found self and feel confident to leave the future to unfold itself joyously! I am thrilled with the workshop and praise myself for the trust that was necessary for me to go for it!! Chris Beazley

The work you did with us over the weekend is so powerful in itself, but with the addition of your immense presence, purpose, passion, drive and compassion it is something at a completely different level. Leandro D’Andrea

When the email from Rod first landed I knew this would be a powerful and necessary weekend for me, but much of my readiness was fed by each beautiful piece of work that went before me. When I did eventually step onto the carpet I was simply floored by the depth of grief I touched into for my 5 year old self, and then blessed by the gift of heightened awareness of my own sub-personalities. Beyond this, I can’t really put into words what I’m feeling and recognising, but I’m evolving, flowing. It feels healthy. I feel connected. I feel at peace, and yet open to all possibilities, going, staying, or somewhere in between. I’m definitely ready to start exploring my needs and putting me first, in a considered way. J.P.

Dear Rod, Ed and Diarmaid, thank you for a masterclass in skilful, respectful facilitation, an honour to witness. The service you individually and collectively do us, by being ready, able and willing to step into that place, is beyond any ready measure. A.H.

This weekend is profound and moving. It’s almost entirely self-discovery via deep work – half through your own work on yourself, half through participation in the work of other men. It’s dramatic because it’s so meticulously constructed by the facilitators, who take great care to identify the critical drivers in your work – nothing ephemeral, everything core. And it’s deep because the ability to meet, recognise and challenge unhelpful fragments of your archetypes is jaw-dropping. Honoured to have been a part of this circle of men.  – T.C

The workshop was a deeply moving and transformative experience. I came with a lifetime’s grief locked deep inside me and uncertain how a single day’s work could possibly reach a place so unknown to me. Surrounded by a circle of loving men, the magic happened, and with few words a true transformation was set in motion. Rod’s gentle, loving, wise leadership was truly beautiful to behold. Thank you. Blessings to you Rod, and thank you for doing what you do. – Mario Peters.

Thank you both so much for leading our Process Work Day on Saturday.  Your skill, compassion and support enabled me to access unheralded depths of sadness and to tell my dead parents things I wanted to say to them when they were alive.  I was shocked by the size and power of feeling kept suppressed for 50 years, and it’s a testament to the strength and safety of the container that I could allow them to surface and be truly felt.  My sincere thanks to you and to all the men present. I am lightened and uplifted by our time together and opened to the next phase of the journey. – David McGibney.

The day was very contained, the energy well built, and the work expertly facilitated. I saw a strong willingness to give men responsibility for their work, whilst dropping pebbles into the pond to ripple out and make waves if they were there to happen. I realise I didn’t feel led, I felt we just worked through something together, which was empowering and enjoyable. – Jonathan Martin.

A really great day. I felt very safe, supported and it let me connect with something very deep and powerful which surprised and delighted me.  just opened up my heart, showed my vulnerability and I judge the play flowed beautifully. So, I am travelling to work, a very different world but have a strong sense of new connections and deep dark yummy power full of lightning and laughter. – Simon Chinnery.