Shadow Work Coaches and Group Workshops

One to one shadow work and shadow work in groups.

On this page you’ll find information about coaches and therapists who work one-to-one (face-to-face) as well as information about group workshops.

Just below is a listing of one-to-one coaches trained by Healing The Shadow. Further down this page you’ll find some information about group workshops. 

One to one Shadow Work

If you like the idea of a one-to-one relationship with a facilitator, I’m pleased to say that I offer individual sessions, as do my colleagues  who are listed below.

Rod Boothroyd

I work with men individually and in groups to heal the wounds of wounds of childhood in every Archetype. And beyond healing, I work with men to guide them as they explore and access their unexpressed power and potency in the world, so they can be fully who they were always meant to be. Together we explore unconscious shadows, find ways to heal them, and strengthen the power and potency of your Sovereign, the leader within you. I’ve worked with hundreds of men in groups and one to one settings over the past few years, bringing my training in psychotherapy to complement my vast experience and training in working with the shadow. I’m a certified Healing The Shadow practitioner. You can follow the link for more details about our other practitioners.


Other Facilitators Trained by Rod Boothroyd and Marianne Hill (Healing The Shadow)