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A new group for men offered by group leader Jai Singh

The New King Program

  • Do you feel alone in your challenges as a man and father?
  • Do you feel disconnected from a sense of purpose and aliveness? 
  • Do you want to take your impact as a man to the next level but don’t know how?

The New King Program is a powerful 10-week online program designed by men’s group leader Jai Singh. This group experience empowers burned-out fathers to reignite their inner fire and build lives of purpose and passion.

When you join the New King program, you will join a small group of men committed to getting real with each other and transforming their lives. With the support of weekly online group calls, daily practices, individual coaching, and a private online community, you will now be able to access your Inner King and unlock your true potential.

And because there’s no better way to step into your kingship than to spend time with other men doing the same work, as this group experience will enable you to do, you’ll emerge from The New King program bursting with new found enthusiasm…. but that’s not all!

  • You will feel deeply enlivened, empowered and inspired.
  • You will have powerful clarity around your mission and purpose in life.
  • You will be empowered to take bold and courageous action to advance your life mission.
  • You will enjoy happier and more fulfilling relationships with your partner and kids.
  • You will find yourself leading a life of greater authenticity and impact.
  • And to ensure these benefits remain part of your life forever, you will remain connected to a tribe of brothers who bring out your finest qualities and your personal strengths.

This program is led by men’s coach and group leader Jai Singh, a man who is dedicated to supporting fathers. To learn more about how he can help you become the man, father and partner you were always meant to be, visit his website: The Awakened Masculine.

Information About Shadow Work Group Workshops

How To Become The Man You Really Are…

Shadow work allows you to explore your shadow, find your emotional wounds and heal them. 

Are you looking for better relationships, more harmony, less stress, greater clarity, and more personal power? Want a safe place to do more work on yourself? Frustrated by the lack of opportunity to dive deep, to really explore and then heal your wounds in a supportive circle of conscious men? Tired of the same old, same old stuff coming up again and again? 

A men’s group workshop could be the answer to all your questions!

Unfortunately I am not currently offering the men’s workshops  described below. However, you can see our list of other facilitators and organisations who are offering various types of this work here.

A Shadow Work Group Workshop (UK)

What exactly is a Shadow Work Group, and what happens there? 

It’s a group workshop for men where you can explore your Shadows, rebalance your archetypes, and find emotional healing. You can think of this as an emotional process  workshop where individual pieces of shadow work are longer, deeper, more extensive and, most important, transformative. 

A group allows for an exploration of your deeper emotional issues and wounds, with the aim of bringing them into the light and healing them.

We work with the Jungian concept of Shadow. Your Shadow is made up of the parts of yourself that are hidden, repressed and denied, seeking to bring them into consciousness so that they no longer exert influence and control over your behaviour. 

We are holding these events for men, creating safe spaces where you can experience profound male support, explore your wounds, change your internal “tapes”, reduce the power of your Shadow, and find new ways of being in the world. This all about working on your shadow to integrate it into your whole being.

These are workshops which can reinforce the personal development work you started in other circles including The ManKind Project Adventure Weekend, personal therapy, counselling or spiritual practices. In fact, shadow work, whether in a one to one setting or a group workshop,  will take you to a deeper level of understanding of your shadows. It will also heal the emotional wounds of childhood and give you back more of your authentic self, your autonomy and your power.

These are weekends that can produce profound changes in your life. These are weekends that make a difference.

In a small group of men we will start by building a “container” where the magic can happen. We will explore the different archetypes of King, Warrior, Magician and Lover, and discover how they play out in your life. We will sit in circles and check in with each other.

And above all, you will have the chance to do a piece of personal shadow work lasting up to an hour and a half. You’ll get the support of other men. You’ll be held as you engage your Warrior, your Magician, your Lover, with all of their deep and dark shadows, and you’ll be blessed as you feel your King within you.

We use a variety of approaches to this work, but our theoretical foundations are a Jungian approach to exploring the shadow, work using voice dialogue, work using embodied energies, and Transactional Analysis, combined with integrative psychotherapy.

Now, what’s stopping you? Know your fear, feel your power, and take a risk. You will live to celebrate it!

Comments from men on previous shadow work groups:

The weekend was profound. It was cathartic, evoking so many feelings – grief, sadness, joy, fear and more. I feel it is a beginning to something that I should have embraced many years ago. It’s a process which all men (and women) should seek out, and I’ve recommended your workshop to colleagues, friends and family. You’ve provided me with tools to decode and reset many patterns that are deep-rooted, ingrained even. These are overbearing traits that I’ve worked to change myself, but I now realise that we can’t do everything on our own – we should embrace help. I did feel much lighter in myself by the end, and empowered.  Although I do need to be mindful of viewing the workshop as merely a beginning: I see the need to develop an ongoing practice in order to recognise and recode, to make me a stronger, more aware and, ultimately, a happier, more grounded man, father, lover, leader, action-taker, thinker and learner. – Andrew A., Lewes

The workshop was transformative and very well held. I really appreciated the embodied nature of it, and how it allowed me to tap into my childhood wounds whilst feeling safe to do so. – Marc, Brighton

I have attended three workshops so far. Each one has been an amazing opportunity to explore certain parts of myself in a safe environment, as well as support others in the same way, expertly led by Rod, Diarmaid and Ed. This has provided tremendous insights into myself, and a true sense of connection with the others in the group, as ultimately we are all dealing with the same challenges. At the end of each workshop I have left with a greater awareness of myself and immense gratitude that I am on this journey and look forward to continuing it. – Ross, London

My journey to the men’s emotional process workshop started on the amazon website. I was buying a friend a book (Iron John by Robert Bly) and as I was completing my purchase a suggestion of other books I might be interested in included Warrior Magician Lover King: A guide to the male archetypes updated for the 21st century. I purchased it, read it and was amazed how the book spoke to me and gave answers to many of the challenges I’ve been going through as a man trying to navigate life in a healthy and purposeful way. As I finished reading the book I inquired about Rod and saw that he organised workshops for men based on working with the shadow. I decided to enrol straightaway. Few weeks later I was in this small group of men, expecting to have some sort of a lecture with maybe some testimonials but what happened was so unexpected, deep and life changing in a way that it exceeded all expectations that I had for the workshop. Being with other wounded men who were aware of it, honest about it and wanting to do something to heal was very safe and installed an instant bond between us. This allowed us to be open to work into our emotional scars more specifically into getting rid of the shadow bag which we have been carrying for far too long. The experience of the weekend was so rich that I can’t go into specifics but what I will say is that at a personal level what I got out of it is the following; I have always wondered how it was to be a man? What do you feel? When do you know you are one? Outwardly, physically I couldn’t be more masculine, have a decent life, am a fully functioning member of society, but deep down I was a wounded boy trying to make his way in this world. With the support of Rod and Diarmaid, as well as my brothers in this journey, for the first time in my life I have been walking as the adult man I am and not as the wounded boy I once was. It’s been both exciting and daunting, it’s only the start of the journey, but it is a journey I am willing to take as I can’t imagine what would be worse than an unfulfilled life. I would definitely recommend the workshop to men who like me want to find the essence, the core, the uniqueness of who they truly are. I am very grateful to my fellow companions as well as Diarmaid and Rod for their help, support and love (and yes I insist on the word love). Something truly unique happens when men gather together and support each other. The way Diarmaid and Rod set the whole workshop, their experience, passion and love for helping men to heal and embrace their inner king is truly remarkable. I will carry this experience with me for the rest my life. – Johnny T 45 years old, London.

I’m Phil, from London,  a normal working class bloke. I  went on Rod’s weekend in Hammersmith and was cleansed of my shame and guilt learned as a child for not being good enough. I wish I’d gone through this process many years ago, so that I could have shared my whole being with others and made there lives a happier place. May your power always be with you. Phil, London.

Rod, Diarmaid and Ed are a great and safe team when you put yourself in their hands. The workshop provided theoretical and practical insights into what the shadow is and how it affects us as men. They are professional, committed, sensitive, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. I learnt a great deal about myself because I was able to go deep by being “held” in such a safe place, and I’ve been putting it to good use since. – Christian Banfield

I spent the last weekend on the Shadow workshop with Rod, Diarmaid and Ed. I learnt so much. I learnt so much about who I am, why I am and how I am. I dug deep into patterns of stuck behaviour, not just stuck within me but those inherited from my ancestors. I understand those behaviours now and I know they don’t serve me. They are now not my behaviours.  I was fortunate to spend the weekend amongst men with pure hearts and an intention to better what they did and how they live. It is truly a gift to find such brotherhood. The most amazing things happened to me and others not just because we were together with a shared intention but because the weekend was facilitated in an astonishing way by Rod, Diarmaid and Ed. I have never seen such natural, empathetic and intuitive facilitation. I went with a very clear need. This was met but in a way that I could not have foreseen. I was transported to places I had long forgotten to heal wounds that were ever-present. This was done with amazing skill, kindness and insight. The facilitators truly cared about me. I could feel it. I have been involved in a number of facilitated sessions like this and I have seen work left half-done. This was different. These men really know how to get to the heart of a problem, how to heal and know how to close. These men are simply brilliant at what they do. I leave lighter, brighter and mightier. This will touch every aspect of my life.  I wanted to change and they have changed me through their work. I can’t thank them enough. – Mark Shayler

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