Groups, Workshops and Courses For Men

Men’s Groups Help Us Men Grow Into The Fullness Of Who We Really Are

What would your life look like if you embodied the power of the mature masculine?  How would your relationships be different if you could be the strong loving man you were always meant to be?

Perhaps now is the time to find out.

I’m no longer running emotional process or shadow work workshops for men, so I’ve listed a few places and facilitators who can help you work on your shadows and assist you in healing the emotional wounds you have experienced in life up to this point.

Workshops, Groups and Courses For Men

If you would like to have your workshop or group program listed here, please email me. (Details on the Contact Page).

The New King Program

This powerful 10-week online program designed by men’s group leader Jai Singh empowers burned out fathers to reignite their inner fire and build lives of purpose and passion. When you join the New King program, you will join a small group of men committed to getting real with each other and transforming their lives. With the support of weekly group online work, daily practices, individual coaching and a private online community, you will finally be able to access your Inner King and unlock your true potential. This program is led by men’s coach and group leader Jai Singh, a man who is dedicated to supporting fathers

To learn more about how Jai can help you become the man, husband and father you were always meant to be, visit his website:


The ManKind Project

The ManKind Project UK and Ireland   The ManKind Project is the original men’s work forum and still one of the best. Over the course of a weekend, men go on a jouney of initiation into masculine manhood, finding along the way the support true, compassionate, loving brotherhood can offer. For many men it is their first experience of transfomative male energy and mutual support. Whether that is true for you or not, if you feel a desire to access more of your masculinity, this really is a great place to go and explore your own potential – to become the man you were always meant to be before the world got in the way!

ManKind Project USA  (The ManKind Project also exists in many other countries – a search on Google should help f you are looking for country specific MKP work)


Nobleman UK (run by Celebration of Being UK) This is a powerful workshop for men which gives men the opportunity to step beyond the childhood emotional wounds they may have experienced at the hands of women and step fully into their autonomous power as a man. If you feel that your relationships with women are not all they might be, this is the workshop that can – that will – allow you to reclaim your sense of autonomy, power and presence in the world.

Nobleman (USA) See the description above.

Change Is Possible

Change is Possible  A series of workshops run by Michael Maisey. Michael’s own history of emotional wounding and his healing journey gives him ample experience of how best to guide men back to their true nature.  His workshops offer an exploration of all the male archetypes, forming a series of workshops that provide a powerful and safe space for men to recover their true nature.

Men Without Masks

Men Without Masks (run by Craig White) Craig started out in the world of personal development as a high level Rugby performance coach. He brings all his knowledge and experience of guiding men to be the best they can be to his highly successful “Men Without Masks” workshops, supported by a team of compassionate and experienced facilitators.

Male Mysteries

Exploring Male Mysteries Through Times of Change and Crisis   with William Ayton and Simon Roe

Workshops For Men

The listings above offer safe spaces where you can explore the hidden parts of yourself, the parts that are not fully developed or are partly or wholly in Shadow, and heal and integrate their energy in a safe way. Here you may find an opportunity to dive into the energy of your Sovereign, Magician, Warrior and Lover in a soulful group of men where all that you bring, and all that you are, is welcome and may be expressed without judgement.

Taking part in these workshops may allow you to expand into all of who you can be, let you increase your power and presence in the world, and give you a path to step into the full energy of the King within you.

You may also find them helpful in overcoming emotional wounds from your past, no matter how they were caused and what subsequent experiences you may have had in life.

I believe it’s a mistake to think that years of counselling or therapy are needed to resolve your issues. While that kind of “holding” and support is extremely valuable, it is perfectly complemented by deep personal work in a group of men devoted to creating a better future for themselves.

I also believe that deep group work, focused on your emotional issues, can produce as much change as three months of one-to-one therapy or counselling.

The Nature Of Group Work

Group workshops, whether online or in person, can be powerful routes to personal growth and development, and may offer effective ways to step quickly beyond your limitations and become the powerful man you were always meant to be.

However, although a listing on this page is a recommendation from me, I advise you to always check out the facilitators and content of any workshop before you sign up,  so you can be sure you are comfortable with the facilitators and with what’s on offer.

What I hope you find are people and places where you can examine the emotional issues and challenges you face, as well as discovering ways to change how you are in the world.

Hopefully you will be guided to powerful and effective solutions appropriate  to your situation as you do your personal work in a group of men, supported by highly skilled facilitators. Check if the facilitators are trained in the arts of shadow work, group facilitation, bodywork, and any other  techniques of working with the shadow or emotional growth. And hopefully you will discover the support of group of like minded men dedicated to their personal growth and development.

The listing above includes workshops featuring sveral dofferent approaches to personal development, often combined in a way that’s designed specifically for men. These group workshops for men are designed to give you the space and time to work on and explore the issues which you face in your life now.

Most of them welcome men new to personal development work, as well as more experienced men. The facilitators should always support you at a level appropriate to your experience, wishes and needs. 

This work will give you much greater choice and control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It will give you access to your full power, presence and potency as a man. And then, you can finally stop reacting to the challenges in your life and start responding from a place of power.  You become more authentic and true to yourself. You become more of the man you were always meant to be.

Typical issues which men work on in these workshops include addictions, anger issues, lack of boundaries, neediness, fear of the feminine, lack of assertiveness, sexual problems and challenges, unexpressed grief, sadness, lack of joy, decision making, repressed trauma, lack of love, childhood problems, identity issues, sadness, anxiety and fear, issues with relationships and – well, everything else that affects men’s lives today.