Finding the King Within You:
A Workshop For Men Only.

A residential workshop at Eden Rise Retreat Centre, near Totnes: December 7 – 9,   2018

This is a powerful opportunity to step into and fully embody your Sovereign energy, so you can go out into the world knowing your true masculine strength and ability to lead in your life, form a vision, and bless your life and others around you. The cost, fully catered and with shared accommodation, is £390. 

Please contact Rod for more details: 

This is an experience where you can step into your Sovereign, your King Archetype, and embody it fully.

When you do that, you will embody the qualities of the man you really are: qualities such as authenticity, integrity, leadership, wisdom, compassion and fairness. To express your full power and potency in the world. Because you need to be the leader in your life!

Consider these questions:

Are you living your life with a strong connection to your innate masculine power?

Do you know who you really are, and are you pursuing your vision in the world for you and your loved ones? 

Are you aligned to your unique purpose as a man? Do you live with a deep belief in your own value and worth, knowing that you are good enough in every way? 

Do you experience joy in your life?  Can you bless, celebrate & support others freely, and  receive the blessing of others in return, or ask for support when you need it?  

Are you living your life trying to minimize discomfort rather than standing up for what you know is right?

Do you sense the magnificence of the Sovereign who lives within you, the part of you who knows that you are indeed good enough and worthy of all the world has to offer?

If not, then this may be your time.

We, that is Rod Boothroyd, Ed Rooke, and Diarmaid Fitzpatrick, are offering this residential weekend workshop for men who want to find their true Sovereignty.

This is an opportunity for any man who wants to step into his power to discover how to stand as the Sovereign in his own Kingdom, be that family, work, friends, business or any other world. 

Truth is, your King is an archetype which commands the respect of other men, the admiration of women, and the love of children. Your King is the part of you which knows what is needed in your Kingdom, and will do whatever is necessary to achieve it, without fear or favour, for the benefit of all. 

More than anything, your Sovereign is the part of you which can act as leader in your life. In his power, he will guide you to make decisions which serve your Kingdom, based on the advice of your Magician archetype. He will command your inner Warrior to take appropriate action to do what is needed. He will hold the wounds of the Kingdom so that you are able to handle whatever demands the world makes of you while remaining centered, clear and confident.

Your inner Sovereign is a place of authenticity, integrity and principle. This is the essence of who you always were, before the world got in the way and made you smaller than you ever deserved to become. Now it’s time to rediscover your power, potency and presence.

It’s time for you to step into your Sovereign.

Contact us if you would like to know more. We are your servant leaders for this unique weekend experience. 

With best wishes, Rod.

Email me for details and to arrange a chat if you wish: