Experience Deep Emotional Healing:
Group Work
For Men

Our Emotional Process Work Groups Are Designed To Offer A Place Where Men Can Work On Their Shadows & Resolve Their Emotional Wounds

What would your life look like if you embodied the power of the mature masculine?  How would your relationships be different if you could be the strong loving man you were always meant to be?

Perhaps now is the time to find out.

Our weekend workshops offer a space where you can explore the hidden parts of yourself, the parts in Shadow, and heal and release their energy in a safe way.

This is an opportunity to dive into the energy of your Sovereign, Magician, Warrior and Lover in a soulful group of men where all that you bring, and all that you are, is welcome and may be expressed without judgement.

Emotional Process Workshops For Men

Our Emotional Process Workshops – places where you can work on your shadows, and on healing the emotional wounds you have experienced – have two objectives. First, to allow you to expand into all of who you can be, to increase your power and presence in the world, and step into the full energy of the King within you.

Second, to overcome emotional wounds from the past, no matter how they were caused and what experiences you may have had in life.

We believe it’s a mistake to think that years of counselling or therapy are needed to resolve your issues. While this kind of “holding” and support is extremely valuable, it is perfectly complemented by deep personal work in a group of men devoted to creating a better future for themselves.

Such deep group work, focused on your emotional issues, can produce as much change as three months of one-to-one therapy or counselling.

How Does An Emotional Process Group Work?

These workshops are powerful routes to personal growth and development, offering effective ways to step quickly beyond your limitations and become the powerful man you were always meant to be. 

They are places where you can examine the emotional issues and challenges you face, and find ways to change how you are in the world.

You will be guided to powerful and effective solutions appropriate  to your situation as you do your personal work in a group of men, supported by highly skilled facilitators trained in the arts of healing your shadow, deep bodywork, and  techniques of working with the shadow. And you will enjoy the support of group of like minded men dedicated to their personal growth and development.

You can see our current calendar of workshops by clicking this link.

What Is This? Shadow Work? Emotional Healing? Therapy?

It’s all of them, combined in a way that’s designed specifically for men. Our two day group workshops for men are designed to give you the space and time to work on and explore the issues which you face in your life now.

We welcome men new to personal development work, as well as more experienced men. The facilitators will always support you at a level appropriate to your experience, wishes and needs. There is no difference in attention, time, focus or anything else between men new to this work and men who have some experience of it. All are welcome, and all will feel comfortable in the group.

These emotional process workshops are shadow workshops where you can discover more about the different parts of yourself, the archetypes within you, and how they interact. You’ll also discover how the emotional wounds you’ve experienced in your past play out in your life right now.

Working together, with the support of the whole group of men, we will create a healing space in which all parts of you are welcome.

In this confidential, non-judgmental, accepting, holding space we will use techniques from various forms of Jungian shadow techniques and psychotherapy to heal those emotional wounds. Working together, we will integrate the parts of yourself you have hidden, repressed, and  denied into your shadow unconscious. 

This will give you much greater choice and control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It will give you access to your full power, presence and potency as a man. And then, you can finally stop reacting to the challenges in your life and start responding from a place of power.  You become more authentic and true to yourself. You become more of the man you were always meant to be.

Typical issues which men work on in these workshops include addictions, anger issues, lack of boundaries, neediness, fear of the feminine, lack of assertiveness, sexual problems and challenges, unexpressed grief, sadness, lack of joy, decision making, repressed trauma, lack of love, childhood problems, identity issues, sadness, anxiety and fear, issues with relationships and – well, everything else that affects men’s lives today.

Your facilitators are highly experienced group facilitators who have undertaken training in Shadow Work, Psychotherapy, Yoga, embodied therapy, hypnosis and other group work.